Forsaken Gold
Pietro bernardi undersea

Forsaken Gold - Final Image

Pietro bernardi undersea main

Main Render - No Fog

Pietro bernardi undersea volume

Fog Pass

Pietro bernardi breakdown coral

Coral Structure

Pietro bernardi breakdown coral02

Coral Structure Variation

Pietro bernardi breakdown diver

Diver Model

Pietro bernardi breakdown chest

Chest Model

Pietro bernardi nuke

Nuke Screen

Forsaken Gold

In Forsaken Gold I wanted to experiment a very deep underwater art creation. Many pirate ships have sunk in history, what treasures could the vast ocean hide from us 'till this day. This is what I wanted to represent in this render.

I would like to thank the following modellers for making their models available for use:
mark2580 -
thehydrous -
liye.yan1994 -
Amanda Alavi -

More artwork
Pietro bernardi final build home littlev2Pietro bernardi thumbnailPietro bernardi finalfixed 00000